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When considering my own work, I often find myself thinking about "sequence". I now rarely produce single-image pieces. Almost all are multi-part, or are meant to be viewed from multiple perspectives. I do show some single images, when they seem to have some particular self-contained character. Even these, however, are more revelatory in the company of their original family.

Further, I often think of my work as "partial" rather than "whole". While a run of images may be expanding or contracting, becoming simpler or more complex conceptually it is part of a larger entity. A pattern, a repetition, a variation, a development: something continues beyond the ends of a particular piece. It is my habit to return, again and again, to particular works for contemplation and inspiration. I rarely grasp much on a first go round, as energizing as that initial experience might be. If I feel compelled to, I return. The subsequent experiences then involve both memory and create anticipation. The coming and going is itself a sequence. An ever increasing intimacy results from these "occasional" revisits.



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